• I went to the Astral Knight HQ to train and encountered someone I thought might have been Darkcoal, later on I realized that wan't him, which makes me wonder who it was I met while in the training station.
  • I talked with Darkcoal and he didn't astral patrol last night, instead he patroled the streets looking for crime to stop.
  • While on the bus we practiced sensing mana.
  • Today we had planned ahead of time to work together to sense and close portals.
  • While sensing portals I found that my energy signature has changed and that I know automatically absorb energy even from large distances away, which now allows me to sense entities miles away without even trying.
  • I closed three portals, Darkcoal closed three portals, and we worked together to close the last one.
  • We encountered Shadow Beings, Yang Manifestations, and Elementals.
  • I tried to communicate with the Elementals to learn why they are attacking the physical plane, all they said was that they were here to become the strongest in the universe and were fighting anyone to do so.
  • Darkcoal and I close portals in order to stop them from ripping apart space, and these challengers from the astral realm are a danger to space and the people of the physical plane.
  • Darkcoal and I parted ways and agreed to astral patrol tonight and then meet up again tomorrow for another astral patrol.
  • I later on encountered more Astral Challengers, all after the same thing, becoming the strongest in the universe.
  • When I tried to locate their portal I found myself absorbing a strange portal that rapidly emmits what seems like endless amounts of Mana.
  • One of the Astral Challengers infected me with some kind of venom, I tried to cure myself using energy armor but my body is still adjusting, so now I am ill.


  • A Brother Guardian contacted me about a portal in the area, when I went to investigate I encountered what I could only describe as some form of energy armored warrior, capable of generating energy constructs of saws and mechanical wings.
  • The warrior appeared to be made up of pure energy and was very violent.
  • It appeared to be examining the portal when I arrived but when it sensed me we immediately began combat.
  • I encountered one of these earlier today that was an Astral Challenger, but to see that there are more is a bad sign.
  • I sealed the portal and defeated the Astral Challenger, but I am afriad there will be more of these Armor Warriors coming to challenge us in the near future.
  • One Brother Guardian has alerted me that the area that Darkcoal and I patrol together has portals that open only at night, that let out large concentrations of Shadow Beings.
  • We will need to plan more Astral Patrols at night to combat this threat.