• Astral Patrolled with Darkcoal and addressed a massive region of portals above our normal patrol area.
  • I encountered an Armor Warrior and communicated with it.
  • The Armor Warrior told me that the Shadow Beings come from an astral world that is being devoured by umbra energy and is cutting these portals into space, the beings are literally eating eachother in an attempt to survive and are escaping to our plane for escape.
  • However the Shadow Beings are crazed and still a danger to those they encounter, and the umbra energy is causing serious tears in space that must be addressed.
  • The Armor Warrior seemed only interested in the Shadow Beings and their portals in terms of threat assessment and nothing more.
  • The Armor Warrior and I did not combat one another, he left back to his Astral World.
  • Dark Coal and I worked to close the massive portal region and to fight back against the Shadow Beings, but due to the umbra energy their appeared to be no permanent solution to the portal problem.
  • After the patrol I was disgusted by the cannibalistic nature of the Shadow Beings and headed to the Astral Knight HQ to train and develop a method of combatting the umbra energy.
  • Darkcoal accompanied me in the Training Station, there I developed a method of using an energy construct to convert umbra energy into a form of powerful light energy that could be used to help mend the large portal regions.
  • I then added specialized energy construct weapons to the Astral Knight HQ Energy Armory for addressing the Shadow Beings specifically.


  • I worked with Electric Snow to form a virtual map of the Collectors' HQ.
  • Soon we should use the map to plan an attack stategy on the Collectors' HQ to help stifle the Collector Threat.
  • I told Dark Coal I would patrol tonight but it appears the patrol will have to wait until tomorrow.
  • I don't know if Darkcoal will be patrolling tonight or not.
  • Hopefully tomorrow the specialized light construct weapons will help combat the Shadow Beings and mend the portals to help prevent the dimensional space from being ripped apart.
  • The worst part is that now that it is night time the dimensional tearing will only increase from its status yesterday and cause an even bigger disturbance now that even more Shadow Beings must be exiting the portal regions.