The Weekend

  • I was out of state and mainly practiced forming energy constructs and meditation while on my travels.


  • I had just returned home from my travels when I read an interesting theory on the Armor Warriors by User:TomToms SuperSayan on the idea that they might be energy constructs.
  • I talked with a Brothers Guardian about it and he confirmed his theory by telling me that whatever is creating the Armor Warriors is as powerful as a Brothers Guardian.
  • The portal regions to the astral world of the Shadow Beings are still opening up, the source to the umbra energy causing these portals to open is within these portal regions and Dark Coal and I may need to travel into the astral world of the Shadow Beings to get rid of this source.
  • However, the Umbra source is capable of ripping apart dimensional space and is what is causing the Shadow Beings to behave as cannibals, so who knows what might happen if we were to directly encounter the Umbra source itself.
  • While speaking with the Brothers Guardian we both noticed Armor Warriors examining portal regions and combatting Shadow Beings.
  • I believe they may wish for more of these portal regions to form in order to allow for the Creator of the Armor Warriors to emerge from, essentially my theory is that whatever is creating these Armor Warriors has the exact opposite objective of the Brothers Guardians and is trying to not only open large portal regions but also create an astral world made up of the strongest beings in the universe.
  • The Brothers Guardian and I were then attacked by the Armor Warriors.
  • The Brothers Guardian and I fled as we were being attacked by multiple Armor Warriors.
  • As a safety precaution I have added a cloak to the Astral Knights HQ as well as defensive shields to help combat Armor Warriors.