• Darkcoal and I knew that we had to do something has the Umbra Source if left alone would tear apart dimensional space and have unreversable effects.
  • I astral patrolled to close massive portal regions that formed due to Darkcoal and I not patrolling for a couple days.
  • I was unable to close the massive portal regions alone and required Darkcoal's assistance to close them.
  • While working together to close the portal regions I encountered Armor Warriors who were collecting Umbra Energy, I combatted them and absorbed their pure energy forms, however Darkcoal did not witness any of the Armor Warriors.
  • Together Darkcoal and I successfully closed the massive portal regions.
  • I wonder if it is possible that the Armor Warriors are cloaked in a way that Darkcoal can't see them?
  • If that is true, I wonder why I am able to see through the cloak of the Armor Warriors?
  • Nothing good can come from Armor Warriors collecting umbra energy, we need to figure out why they are collecting umbra energy and prevent them from bring their Creator to the physical plane if possible.